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Multigate Gas Leak Detection System

Multigate is a S-Bus protocol based system, featuring a control unit with up to 32 peripheral devices connected on a Bus extended up to 1000m. The gas transmitters are for methane, LPG, CO and petrol vapors. Multigate system is also very well suited for the management of parking lots, thanks to several specific embedded features.


Features And Benefits

  • BACKLIT LCD Display screen for Device configuration
  • Dedicated Icon for Individual Gas Transmitters status indication
  • S-Bus communication based interface
  • 32 Gas transmitters can communicate to single Central Unit
  • Internal Memory stores DATE, TIME & % L.E.L. in case of an alarm or fault
  • Inbuilt buzzer in the event of an alarm or fault
  • Programmable Multi Level Alarm System
  • Safety against Gas Transmitter or Unit Failure
  • Safety against Wrong Gas Transmitter connection
  • Password protected Configuration
  • Alarm Set points programmable per transmitter or in Common
  • Configurable Output Relays as NO or NC
  • Configurable activation delay for output Relays
  • Optional Remote Display and PC software available

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