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Metering & Regulating Skid

Innovative Automation Pvt. Ltd. designs, engineers, and manufactures Gas Metering and Regulating Stations/Skids (MRS) customized to the customer's specification and Fuel Gas Industry standards.

These MRSs typically include:

Other features can be included to match customer needs like;

In addition to the Gas Companies, these comprehensive units cater to a wide range of industries including oil & gas, power, process, steel, chemical, etc.

IAPL manufactured Metering & Regulating Stations are Complete packaged solutions assuring the highest level of Safety & reliability for the supply of Clean and Regulated gas to commercial / industrial installations and City Gas Distribution Networks. The state-of-the-art MRSs can cater to flows up to 5000 SCMH. We offer the most sophisticated features of SCADA-based remote monitoring, Remote Control of MRS operation & control functions.

The Key Purposes of MRS

Functions of Major Equipment

International Standards/Codes Complying


Highlights & Benefits:

Pressure Regulating and Metering Skids (PRMS) aims to regulate the outlet pressure of gas supply at a pre-defined value and estimate the quantity of gas being utilized. The skids are supplied in diverse configurations of a single or multi-stream and incorporate suitable filters, safety shut-off valves, and metering options for a fully precise, reliable, and safe operation for its ultimate use. Akin to our well-established Pressure Reducing Stations aka Gas Trains, these skids are pre-assembled and pre-tested for ease of installation at the site. Thus, a mere Plug & Play functionality is achieved.

Note: Other fuel options, sizes, inlet & outlet pressure range, and flow meter type can be designed and offered on request.