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Industrial Gas Burner

Several industrial applications render effective process heating by using Fuel-fired, specifically Natural Gas Fired combustion equipment. At the fundamental level, burners are devices used to mix fuel and air (or oxygen) to achieve controlled combustion while producing a specific flame and heat-release pattern. The heat produced is used to regulate the temperature within a combustion chamber to the process setpoints.

When deciding on the suitable burner for an application, the prime question to ask is, “What do we wish to achieve with the new or retrofit project?” It is crucial to identify whether you are trying to reduce fuel consumption, boost production, improve dependability, limit maintenance, reduce emissions.

The primary goal of selecting an appropriate industrial burner, taking into account the process requirements is increased production and reduced emissions.

It is equally necessary to consider the design features of the application, the performance measures, and the following factors:

Our primary goal lies in matching the appropriate burner and technology that meets your specific requirements.

FBR burners boast of good performance, simplicity, and ideal functions. With their varied specifications, designs and ability to customise as per application needs, the FBR Burners meet the diverse needs of the industrial sector.

Main features of the industrial gas burner:

The burners are entirely manufactured in Italy and all components are exclusively selected among the best European producers. Each burner is duly tested for operation and Flame firing before dispatch to ensure reliable performance every time.

The precise controls applied at FBR plants assure the absolute quality of the results. FBR products are only marketed after rigorous trials using the latest in the industry-led testing procedures taking into consideration any issue relating to the ecological and environmental impact.

Gas burners with a diecast aluminium body and compact overall dimensions and well-thought placement of the components with accessibility that facilitates the operations of setting and maintenance. Available in the versions: Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Gas, Dual Fuel (Gas/Oil). The burners offer the best possible start-up behaviour, particularly stable combustion, and a high level of operating reliability.

Harnessing our decades of expertise in the gas combustion domain, our know-how lets us achieve maximum energy yield with a minimum of energy consumption, with the lowest possible emissions.

F.B.R.'s sound experience coupled with our open and innovative spirit results in our products and services getting the desired recognition and due appreciation in the leading international markets. Highly efficient and reliable solutions are sought, taking into account the needs of our clients, and often anticipating responses to their future requirements.

Those who trust Innovative Automation know that they can fully count on the professionalism that we provide to every client.

The customers also deserve the best in professional assistance which is guaranteed by a network of our qualified technicians, constantly updated through training courses held by the qualified technicians in our Principle's In-House Training Centre, which aims for quality and reliability as the absolute values.

With FBR, Innovative Automation, India is offering particularly economical, environmentally sound, low maintenance, and state-of-the-art burners.