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Honeywell Elster Electronic Volume Corrector

Honeywell Elster EK205 is a battery-operated volume conversion device that can be easily mounted onto gas meters from Elster or any other manufacturers.

Volume Conversion, Comprehensive Data Logging, Flexible Data Communication made easy with Elster EVCs.

Honeywell Elster Electronic Volume Corrector

These correctors boast of several future-oriented features including:

  • Meter-, pipe- or wall-mount
  • Converted volume calculation according to EN12405
  • Compressibility calculation in accordance with AGA-NX19 mod, AGA 8 (GC1 or GC2), AGA 8 DC-92, S-GERG 88, AGA-NX19 or fixed
  • Monochrome backlit dot-matrix LCD display, 128 pixels wide, 64 pixels high
  • Control panel with 4 buttons
  • Two digital inputs
  • Two freely programmable transistor outputs (pulses, status)
  • Monthly (24 logs) , daily (600 logs) and measurement archive (10.000 logs)
  • Two flexible archives (content, recording interval and additional events, which cause a record to be configured)
  • Logbook (500 logs) and Audit Trail (100 logs)
  • Optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21 for configuration and local read out
  • Integrated RS232/RS485 interface
  • Modbus communication in RTU, ASCII and TCP mode
  • enSuite configuration and maintenance software
  • Optional External Power Supply option in case of frequent communication with external devices
  • Optional GSM Modem to export Data via SIM card