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FBR Heavy Oil Burners

FBR Heavy Oil burners incorporates with advanced combustion technology to ensure maximum performance and efficient combustion of heavy oils. They are equipped with its own small, Filter, Reservoir and heaters which heat and filter the oil adequately prior to use.

FBR Heavy Oil Burners

Burner model: Heavy Oil Burners

  • Fuel : Heavy Oil
  • Mounting options: Horizontal, Vertical Down Firing
  • Turn down ratio up to: 1:2 to 1:3

Product Description

  • Aluminium frame.
  • Combustion head with adjustment at high efficiency and high flame stability
  • Protection cover with noise reduction plate.
  • Flange and gasket for installation on boiler
  • Degree of electrical Protection : IP44

Capacity :

Product Conformities

FBR burners are tested and approved by following Industrial standards.