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How far are we from making our quick service restaurants fire-safe? On account of the India’s poor record for workplace safety standards and negligence in their enforcement, fire incidents are common across the country. In all of these fire hazard accidents, cooking gas blasts emerged as the biggest killer, making it the largest cause of fire-related deaths. Although there is a small drop in cases due to cooking gas reported in 2018 (2,670) vs 2017 (3,260). Bihar, Jharkhand and Maharashtra were the most prone to these deaths. This clearly tells us our residential and commercial kitchen are not really safe and need urgent attention and focus.

In commercial kitchens, the reasons for gas leaks can always be traced down to negligence, improper handling and a lack of training or readiness to respond to an emergency situation. Most of the cooking gas-related accidents occur due to leakages from the rubber tube, faulty fittings of regulators and poor handling of gas appliances and cooking unattended which leads to overflow and gas leak. In spite of gas leaks being common and endemic in large commercial kitchens, these large and moderate establishments are unprepared and ill equipped to handle them. So, it is imperative for such kitchens, operating at full capacity to ascertain gas leak detections early on so that the severity of the workplace dangers can be minimized and proper measures can be taken to avoid disasters.

One of such proper measures includes installing a SEITRON gas leak detector in restaurants, hotels and canteen kitchens. These state-of-the-art detectors help in detecting explosive gases which are invisible and may go unsmelt by humans. In the absence of gas detectors, the workers are exposed to extremely hazardous explosive atmosphere and inhaling fuel gases and fumes which can have highly damaging and adverse effects on their bodies and minds and can even result in death.

Investing in a good quality gas detection system is the need of the hour. Here’s why –

Such dire situations can be easily avoided by installing SEITRON gas leak detectors with a MADAS Solenoid Valve making the kitchens safer to operate.

SEITRON Gas Leak detectors boast of:

Furthermore, choosing a Gas leak detector alone is not enough. At the outset of a fire hazard, a MADAS solenoid valve in integration with the detector will cut off the gas supply. This eliminates the possibility of the fire or gas leak spreading and safeguards property and personnel.

This system can be equipped with a GSM device to provide instant automatic alerts via call and SMS to important and emergency numbers.

Making the hotel, canteen and quick service restaurants kitchens safe to operate is one of the prime responsibilities of the management and it is also mandated by the law.

A stitch in time saves nine. Even though the risks are very real, they can certainly be easily avoided if detected in time! SEITRON Gas leak sensors identify potentially hazardous gas leaks and MADAS Solenoid valves nip disasters right in their buds!

Connect with us to know more about our SEITRON gas leak detection systems and MADAS solenoid valves, which are trusted by millions of users and make your commercial kitchen safe for work!

Do remember: Fire kills. Let’s prevent it.