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Metering & Regulating Skids

Gas Metering & Regulating Skid (MRS)
  • IAPL Manufactures Metering & Regulating Skids in full custom configuration.
  • Manufactured on lines of international gas safety standards.
  • Inlet pressure size from 0.5 bar to 20 bar
  • Outlet pressure size from 0.5 bar to 4 bar
  • Size from DN 25 to DN 150
  • Regulating skids caters up to flow of 5000 SCMH
  • High accuracy regulation of outlet pressure
  • MRS is incorporated with highly efficient filtration system & the possibility to include a liquid trap in the filter
  • Provided with high precision overpressure shut off valves for high outlet pressure safety
  • Fast acting relief valves sized for effective release of sudden jumps in the outlet pressure
  • Available in Single Stream or Twin Stream Design
  • Gas flowmeter & EVC available with GSM connectivity
  • Cloud Services also available for Consumption Monitoring
  • Solar power panel available as optional


  • City Gas Regulating & Metering Stations, Industrial Gas Regulating and Metering Stations, District Regulating Stations / Common Pressure Regulating Stations.