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Fourgate Gas Leak Detection System

Fourgate system is a 4 zone gas detection system for methane, LPG, CO and petrol vapours, based on a control unit connected to 4 remote transmitters. The system features also a methane and LPG transmitter for ATEX zone 1, compliant with the EN 60079-29-1 standard (performances). Possibility of RS232 output (Code RGY S00 MBP4).

fourgate gas leak detector


  • BACKLIT LCD Display screen for Device configuration.
  • Dedicated Area to display info of each Gas transmitter.
  • Indication for Type of Gas detected, % L.E.L or ppm and current Status.
  • Inbuilt buzzer in the event of an alarm or fault.
  • Programmable Dual Level Alarm System.
  • Safety against Gas Transmitter or Unit Failure.
  • Internal Memory stores date and time of each alarm.
  • Password protected Configuration.
  • Programmable Alarm set points per transmitter.
  • DIN Rail Mounting Central Unit
  • The product complies with the following standards

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