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Contrive Burner Controller

IAPL Offers Contrive make Burner Controllers that handle ignition automatically and safely, flame monitoring, and fuel cutoff for proportionally controlled oil or gas burners.



  • Flexibility to change the Sequence timings makes these Burner Controllers OEM friendly and helpful feature during commissioning.
  • Inbuilt LED Bar Graph for Flame Strength Indication.
  • 7 Segment LED Indicator for Sequence Status and Fault Indication.
  • Inbuilt Self Check features Lockouts in Case or any Internal Hardware or Software Failure.
  • Device Safety feature for Burner Controller does not start sequence or Lockouts if any of the Connected Valve or Ignition Device is not detected or Open Circuited.
  • Same Burner Controller can be used with Flame Rod, Unirod or UV Sensor Input at any time without any Hardware or software changes.
  • Robust Aluminum Enclosure for Safe Field Mounting Near to Burner. Also eliminates the need for separate Panel to Hose the Burner Controllers.

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