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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly Valves
  • All Industrial Combustion applications demand for Sturdy, Low Torque and affordable Valve to Manage the Combustion Air and Fuel Gas to the Burner.
  • IAPL make Intello butterfly valves and valves are ideal solution to such applications.
  • In sizes above 6 inches the Butterfly valves are extremely light weight and easy to Install.
  • Valves come with a set of Companion Flanges along with hardware.
  • This design when combined with the Smart INTELLO Actuators provides for an excellent control solution for Air & Gas Fuel Lines for Burners.

IBFV and IBFVH (Butterfly Valves)

  • Body : Cast Iron
  • Shaft and Disc: SS
  • Size : DN25 to DN150
  • Stroke: 0 - 90 Deg.
  • Max. Operating Pressure : 200 mbar
  • End connections : wafer

Butterfly Valve Modular Versions

IAPL Butterfly Valves come in 3 versions based on their actuation type:

    • Bare Shaft Butterfly Valve
      Bare Shaft Butterfly Valve
    • Motorized Butterfly Valve
      Motorized Butterfly Valve
    • Manual Butterfly Valve
      Manual Butterfly Valve