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Refractory Damper

Refractory Damper
  • Refractory-lined butterfly dampers are engineered to isolate and control high temperature process gas while reducing heat loss to ambient and providing erosion protection for the frame.
  • In sizes above 6 inches the Refractory Damper are extremely light weight and easy to Install.
  • Dampers come with a set of Companion Flanges along with hardware.
  • This design when combined with the SMART INTELLO Actuators provides for an excellent control solution for Air & Gas Fuel Lines for Burners.

Product Description

  • Refractory Damper is of Cast Iron
  • Size available is upto DN150 to DN650
  • Valves and Dampers most suited for Combustion Air and non-corrosive and clean Lean Gases
  • Suitable for Preheated Combustion Air with extended bonnet assembly.
  • Special versions for non corrosive gases of the 3 families
  • Precisely machined components provide trouble free operation in harsh Industrial Environment
  • Ball Bearing shaft for Dampers requires much Lowers torque to operate
  • Available as Bare shaft, Manual Operated and Electrically operated
  • Quarter Turn design